Joey Arsenault and Marc St. Pierre

Joey Arsenault and Marc St. Pierre
in Neil Simon's "Rumors" (2012)

Joey Arsenault and Marc St. Pierre

Pauline Miceli and Rick Gadbois
in Christopher Durang's
"Beyond Therapy" (2011)

Who's Who

Here are just a few of the people who have worked
with Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative
over the years.

"Leading Ladies"
(April 2014)


From left to right: Matthew Recine as Butch, Carolyn Aliskevics as Audrey, David Prentice as Doc, Dave Rich as Leo / Maxine, Elinor Teele as Meg, Paul Philpy as Duncan, Sheryl Reed as Florence, Ben Reed as Jack / Stephanie. Directed by Pauline Miceli. Stage managed by Mary Spittle.

"Homestead Crossing"
(November 2013)


Photo credit:Wicked Local Staff photo: Kirk R. Williamson

Tom Rash, left, as Tobin. Emma Cavaliere, right, as Claudia. In center Pauline Miceli as Anne and Marc St. Pierre as Noel. Directed by Pat Maloney-Brown. Stage managed by Mary Spittle.

"Becky Shaw"
(April 2013)


Photo credit: Jim Vaiknoras / Gloucester Daily Times

From left to right: Elinor Teele as Suzanna Slater, Dave Rich as Andrew, Marc St. Pierre as Max, Lauren Ashly Suchecki as Becky Shaw, Sheryl Reed as Susan Slater. Directed by Pat Maloney-Brown. Assistant directed by Pauline Miceli. Stage managed by Mary Spittle.

"Rumors" (2012)

Whos Who

Seated: Lauren Ashly Suchecki, and Cliff Blake. Standing, from left to right: Pauline Miceli,
Mary Spittle, Mark S. Logan, Carolyn Aliskevicz, Marc St. Pierre, Robert Kent,
Sheryl Reed, and Joey Arsenault.