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3 performances remaining
of "An Inspector Calls" by J.P. Priestely :

Friday 4/7 & Saturday 4/8 @ 7:30 pm

Sunday 4/9 @ 5 pm

General admission $20

by Keith Powers / Correspondant - Wicked Local:

"CAT Collaborative’s fine dialogue brings intriguing play to life."

"One takeaway from CAT Collaborative’s production, onstage at the Gorton Theatre through April 9th, is impossible to miss: it’s great theater. And this troupe does a great job making it come to life."

"When ‘An Inspector Calls’, you might want to think twice about answering the door ... J.B. Priestley’s mid-century thriller about a privileged family and the consequences of its actions has many layers of meaning — social, political, even meta-physical... the inspector Bob Karish does a brilliant job ...If the maxim ‘the tale is in the telling’ were ever true, it is here. And CAT Collaborative tells it well."

An Inspector Calls