“We open on the Birlings, a comfortably middle-class family with serious social aspirations. One night, whilst celebrating the engagement of their daughter Sheila to the aristocratic Gerald Croft there’s an unexpected arrival. 'Please sir' Edna, the family's servant says 'An inspector’s called.'  In walks Inspector Goole, and so begins a night of revelations."

— BritishTheatre.com

“The play speaks so strongly because, at root, it is a powerful plea for compassion.”

— What's On Stage

“First performed in 1945, JB Priestley’s play still feels dispiritingly, dismayingly relevant.”

— www.thestage.co.uk

“A riveting examination of conscience and class."

— Sunday Express

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March 30th - April 9th, 2017

"An Inspector Calls"
By J.B. Priestley

Featuring in order of appearance:

Dave Rich, Nathan Arroyo-Long, Ashley Skeffington,
Lauren Ashly Suchecki, Jesse Sorrells, Colin Colford

And Bob Karish as the Inspector

Directed by Pauline Miceli

by Keith Powers / Correspondant - Wicked Local:

"CAT Collaborative’s fine dialogue brings intriguing play to life."

"One takeaway from CAT Collaborative’s production, onstage at the Gorton Theatre through April 9th, is impossible to miss: it’s great theater. And this troupe does a great job making it come to life."

"When ‘An Inspector Calls’, you might want to think twice about answering the door ... J.B. Priestley’s mid-century thriller about a privileged family and the consequences of its actions has many layers of meaning — social, political, even meta-physical... the inspector Bob Karish does a brilliant job ...If the maxim ‘the tale is in the telling’ were ever true, it is here. And CAT Collaborative tells it well."

When Inspector Goole arrives unexpectedly at the prosperous Birling family home, their peaceful dinner party is shattered by his investigations. His startling revelations shake the very foundations of their lives and challenge us all to examine our consciences.

Set in 1912 Edwardian England, performed initially in the Soviet Union in 1945, then in the U.K. in 1946, J.P. Priestly's universally acclaimed play has since experienced several successful revivals; initially in 1992, then in both 2011 and 2012, and most recently in the West End in November of 2016.

"An Inspector Calls" is more relevant now than ever.