About "Blithe Spirit"

Blithe Spirit tells the story of novelist Charles Condomine, a suave and dapper charmer, who contacts the lovable and outlandish medium Madame Arcati, to conduct a séance, as he needs material for his new book "The Unseen."

As a result of the séance, Charles gets more than he bargained for, when his deceased first wife, the 'morally untidy' Elvira, returns from the dead to make mischief and create havoc with Charles and his rather staid, and boring marriage to his second wife, the uptight and domineering Ruth.

What follows is a madcap, wildly frolicsome adventure, full of aristocratic banter and brittleness, and a prickly menage a trois.

Of course, Blithe Spirit enchants not only because of the other worldly plot, but because of the playwright Noel Coward's diamond-sharp wit.

  • Blithe Spirit by Noel CowardCape Ann Theatre Collaborative March 31 - April 10


Marc St. Pierre, Elinor Teele, Sheryl Reed, Ben Reed,
Carolyn Aliskevicz, Lauren Ashly Suchecki,
and Jessie Sorrells

Directed by Pauline Miceli

"Stylistically, Blithe Spirit is Noel Coward's masterpiece: his most complete success in imposing his own view of things on the brute facts of existence."

Irving Wardle ~ The Times