William Donnelly's
"Homestead Crossing"

“Donnelly's comic touch within this script which features a seasoned, relatively older couple as well as another duo decades younger is wry and welcome.”

— Fred Sokol
Regional Reviews Connecticut

About "Becky Shaw"

Keith Powers
Wicked Local

"The Cape Ann Theater Collaborative has another winner. After last year’s engaging Neil Simon comedy 'Rumors,' the troupe has turned a little darker this year, but no less funny, and no less engaging either ... no theater lover should miss this chance to see Cape Ann Theater Collaborative’s ambitious staging.

Bad Seed Oct 16-25

The Cape Ann Theatre Collaborative presents an irreverent parody of Maxwell Anderson's 1954 Broadway play and Oscar winning film, "The Bad Seed"; featuring Carolyn Aliskevicz, Lauren Ashly-Suchecki, Joseph Jefferies, Robert Kent, Pat Maloney-Brown, Pauline Miceli, Paul Philpy, Sheryl Reed, Mary Spittle and Elinor Teele.

A perfect way to celebrate Halloween!

Anderson explores the theme of Nature vs. Nurture. Enter one Rhoda Penmark; a young girl so precious and sweet, every parent's dream...or IS SHE? Anderson's 1954 script borrows from the tragedy Medea, while CAT's production upends tragedy into comedy with the Italian theatre's Comedia dell'arte tradition, "lazzi" which roughly translates to "funny bits!" This production is loaded. Come find out just how "sweet" this Bad Seed is! The Bad Seed is a wildly inappropriate, side-splitting comic romp, yet very PG-13. Howl this Halloween silly! Come by and bust a gut laughing! The Bad Seed is presented at the Gloucester Stage Company, 267 E. Main St. Seven shows only, opening Friday, 10/17 running through Saturday 10/25.